New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS) was founded by Dr. Vijay Khiani in August 1999. Spending some of his time abroad in less prosperous countries, Dr. Khiani became aware of many people living under unfortunate standards of living. He says, “When naked children come up to you and ask for the equivalent of two or three cents, it makes you stop and think.” In the summer of 1999, Dr. Khiani attended a lecture by a modern spiritual leader, J.P. Vaswani, who has spoken around the world, including at the United Nations.

NLVS Founder Vijay Khiani

Latest News:

The NLVS Tutoring Program, run by the UIC NLVS chapter, has become the one of the most referred programs for Chicago Public school students between Kindergarten and 12 th grade .

NLVS has now seen over 10,000 patients at its free health clinic that started in October 2003. Congratulations to all our Volunteers for the great effort. (more...)

At the lecture, Vaswani emphasized the importance of helping serve fellow mankind and how each little action really counted. Afterwards, Dr. Khiani decided that it was time to step forward and make a change.

Dr. Khiani came together with a group of his fellow peers with the idea and created NLVS. Originally, the organization served a two-fold purpose. One was to perform volunteer activities within the community. The second was to also help the members by offering workshops on maintaining inner peace through various methods such as meditation. After experimentation with where the major troubles were within the community, the group decided to concentrate its efforts towards service to the community and began to steer its focus towards four specific groups . These groups of people are the hungry, the homeless, the mentally and physically disabled, and underprivileged children .

Throughout 2000, NLVS expanded with over 200 students becoming involved at the founding campus, University of Illinois at Chicago . In May 2000, Dr. Khiani decided to attempt creation of NLVS chapters throughout the country at both other universities and even businesses that had employees dedicated towards serving those who are suffering. Dr. Khiani says “If we had eight to ten people at every university running a chapter and they have 100 people involved there….then that's a lot of service getting done.” Thus, he developed more than 2,000 contacts at over 8 universities across the country and sent letters informing them of his organization.

After receiving some enthusiastic responses, there has been excellent progress in opening additional NLVS chapters. In addition to the above, NLVS has successfully created tutoring programs, health education programs, and worked with the IAMA Charitable Foundation to run a free health clinic on Saturdays in Chicago for over a decade. NLVS looks forward to continued growth including providing support on national and global levels.