Students: Our student volunteers are an integral part of patient care, working not only in the clinic performing physical examinations and diagnoses, but also in the community through fundraising, publicity and physician recruitment. One of the big aims of The NLVS Clinic is to encourage teaching as much as possible so students can be educated in all aspects of clinical history taking as well as physical examination skills. Senior students (M3-M4) as well as physicians are responsible for guiding first and second year students who have not had much exposure to the clinical realm. First year students are also asked to research specific topics and hand in reports on their subsequent clinical visits to encourage students to educate themselves and their peers about the various different patients that they encounter.

Physician recruitment: 

Physicians volunteering at NLVS free health clinic come from multiple different subspecialties including primary care, internal medicine and emergency medicine. The attending physicians who support our clinic come from many hospitals throughout the city and play a critical role not only in providing health care for the underserved but also in teaching students about the various aspects of medicine.

Physicians who volunteer at NLVS clinic follow the Good Samaritan Law with respect to legal liability for patients.

New Volunteers are always welcome. Please email if you are interested in joining us.