New Life Volunteering Society Free Health Clinic

A Guide for Physicians to the NLVS Free Health Clinic

  1. Physician's day at the Clinic
  2. Good Samaritan Act of Illinois
  3. Volunteering at clinic

1. Physician’s Day at Clinic

Welcome physicians! Thank you for your interest in the NLVS Free Health Clinic. While the clinic is organized entirely by medical students, clinic success and patient care is realized only with the help of physicians like you. We invite you to strengthen our contribution to the uninsured community of Chicago by volunteering your time and effort with us. This section is intended to serve as a brief orientation to clinic and a resource of the services that are offered to our patients.

Clinic Hours, Location & Parking


  • Open every Saturday from 10am-2pm.


2645 W. Peterson Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 275-8630


There is parking available for physicians behind the clinic. These spots are accessible via an alley on the east side of Rockwell St, just south of Peterson Ave.

Map & Directions


Each Saturday, coordinators arrive early to set up clinic for the day. Medical students arrive at 9:00, are given a brief orientation and start seeing patients by 9:30am. Physicians are requested to arrive by 10am. Students will conduct a focused H&P for each patient, and then present to the attending physician. The team will discuss the patient, agreeing upon an assessment and plan. They will then return to the patient’s room to discuss the plan of care. Students are then expected to complete the progress note to the best of their ability prior to the attending physician signing the chart.


The clinic has a humble in-house pharmacy with medications for the treatment of common illnesses. For those medications not on our formulary, prescription pads are available for the attending. Patients can also be referred to Wal-Mart or Target Discount Drug programs.


The clinic has a full time phlebotomist on service. Labs that are provided include basic and complete metabolic panel (BMP/CMP), complete blood count (CBC), fasting lipid panel (FLP), thyroid function test (TSH), and hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C).


For those services that cannot be provided at the clinic, referrals can be made to Cook County Hospital.

2. Good Samaritan Act

The Good Samaritan Act in the state of Illinois protects all licensed physicians and provides “exemption from civil liability for services performed without compensation,” in the setting of a free health clinic (745 ILCS 49/30). An explanation of the Good Samaritan Act is posted in the main patient waiting room by the receptionist desk. For more information and a direct link to the policy, please visit: Good Samaritan Act of Illinois.

3. Volunteering at Clinic: Who to contact

Thank you for your interest in our clinic! We would love to have you on board with us as part of our group of physicians. If you would like to volunteer with us, please send an email to

How can I get involved?